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Nokorsoft’s ICS Khmer Unicode fonts ( installer package will replace the default Android ICS Roboto system fonts with Nokora fonts. Althought, it is not 100% perform, but it does most of the job.  The is an installer to restore fonts back to ICS default fonts. Tested on Acer Iconia Tab a500.


1./ a rooted Android ICS device

2./ CWM or TWRP recovery system


Always backup your important data before doing this.  No warranty.

1./ for Khmer Unicode installer, for default ICS system fonts. Copy the files to your sd card.

 2./ boot into recovery mode.

3./ select “install zip from sdcard

4./ choose zip from sdcard, then the file you want to install.

5./ reboot your phone.

Download Link:

- (Khmer Font unicode on ICS)

- (restore back to default Android system font)


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17 Responses to “Khmer Unicode For Android ICS”

  1. Nguon Vimean says: (Khmer Font unicode on ICS) Not full characters for SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE N7000..
    need to re-edit the Lib of it.. but i can not do it ..

    • Meka says:

      I tested the package on my Acer iconia Tab a500, it works straightaway, no need to update the webcore lib or skia lib.
      I don’t have the galaxy note, so I couldn’t test the package.

      You need to download the source code of libskia (or webcore) and then hard code Khmer unicode table into it as per this instruction

      The hard bit is to obtain the source code from samsung or Google. I am not to sure that the libskia from google code will work for your phone.

      You can try Cambodia Android User Group facebook page (CAUG), they may have a solution for you.

  2. Songheng says:

    I have tested the package on my galaxy nexus, but it does not work 100%, it works only browser and facebook app but not 100% perfect, for other app like message does not work… please help…

    • Meka says:

      I have Galaxy Nexus‌ too. I spent‌ 16 hours‌ try‌ing to modify and compile‌ the‌ libskia‌ from google code‌. i have successfully modified and compiled it. But my phone was stuck in boot loop after replacing the I think we need to download the whole ICS source codes (between 11GB – 18GB). I haven’t tried that yet.

  3. imwa says:

    Have you ever tested on Xperia Neo V ICS 4.0.4?

  4. Bondeth says:

    Thanks!… It works great on my device Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman :)

  5. sanborann says:

    why samsung company not pay for khmer font and keyboard ?

    All we no need to help cook for samsung eat

    • Meka says:

      Cambodia maket‌ is too small for Samsung‌. LG‌ doesn’t‌ think‌ like‌ samsung‌. LG‌ is better‌ in this case.

  6. Visai says:

    Could u tell me how to install keyboard khmer on ICS??

  7. touchchanny says:

    nks_ics_kh_v1 នេះជាfont ដែលោកបងើតខ្ញំសុំអរគុណ ដែលជួយជំរុញភាសារខ្មែរ
    ខ្ញំក៏សូមសំណំពរលោក ទៅជា nks_ics_kh_v1.apk

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