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[solved] Turn Screen off when using HDMI out on Android

Issue: When connecting your android device to TV or projector using HDMI out, you can’t turn the Android device display off. Finally, I found the best solution to turn my android tablet screen off when using HDMI out. (tested on Acer Iconia A500 tablet) Solution: The solution is to use RootDim, you can download it [...]


Android Jelly Bean OS supports Khmer Unicode

    Finally, Google released a new Android OS called  Jelly Bean that supports Khmer Unicode. All you need to do is to install Khmer Unicode Font from here, using CWM or TWRP or other Android recovery program.    


Khmer Lyric for Android Phone and Windows Media Player

How to do it? 1./ Make sure you install Khmer Unicode font for your Android Device. 2./ Download TTPOD app for Google Play store, 3./ create LRC file with same name as your MP3 file using Notepad++. Ex. if you have a khmersong.mp3, then create khmersong.lrc The simple format of LRC file look like this: [...]


iPad Like Launcher and Gesture Control on Android Tablet (No Status Bar)

You probably have seen many tutorials on how to make your Android tablet look like iPad using Espier Launcher HD. But those tutorials don’t tell you how to hide Android status bar. With Android status bar on, you can’t fool your friends that your Android Tablet is an iPad. The solution is the combination of [...]


Khmer Unicode Language support for Android devices

  1. Concept You can add Khmer language support to Android OS in 2 stages. Stage 1: Basic Khmer Unicode support (Font rendering and Keyboard) to Android OS – Modify Khmer Unicode font to work with Android OS, and Replace Android UI System fonts with Khmer Unicode support fonts. – Add Khmer Unicode support to Android OS [...]


Translate Android System apks into Khmer

Concept: Use apktool to decompile the android system files. modify the resources in res folders recompile them back. replace resources.arsc and other xml and images resources with the modified one using winrar make sure you save it in zip format and “store” as compression method. when replacing the framework-res.apk in your phone with modified framework-res.apk. [...]


Translate Android Applications into Khmer

Translate Android applications in Khmer language is not that hard anymore.  Android Suite is a user-friendly tool that allows user to modify Android apk files. Before you start, if you haven’t read about Stage 1 on how to add Khmer Language support to Android OS yet click here (it contains links to download all required tools to [...]



Finally, installing clockwork mod recovery on INQ Cloud Touch is possible. WARNING: DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISKS. DON’T BLAME ANYONE BUT YOURSELF IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG. ALL credit goes to sagara981 & orgwiz Method: Use flash_rom to push Clockwork mod recovery image to INQ Cloud Touch using command flash_image recovery ImageFileLocation. The flash_rom must be [...]